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Should I Repair My Car or Junk My Car?

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Repairing a wrecked car vs selling it to wrecked car buyers ?

It is difficult to decide whether your car has reached the end of its life; it depends on the vehicle, and how well it was maintained and kept during its lifespan. Some vehicles are built with better parts, which in turn make them more durable. The maintenance is as important as the vehicle in question, failing to change the oil at recommended mile intervals will cause premature engine wear, and may possibly cause the engine to seize. Aside from the basic service, has the timing belt service (water pump, coolant, thermostat, timing belt/kit, fan belt) been done every 100,000 miles? Was the transmission fluid and filters replaced according to manufacturers recommendations? If the previous owner, or you have kept records, and maintained the vehicle should last at least 200,000 miles. Throughout your vehicles ownership, you should keep the cost or repairs in mind.

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Why Not Sell It For Parts?

It is important to keep track of your maintenance and repair expenditures when driving an older model vehicle. There are 30,000 parts in a car which all will eventually fail, and will require repairs or replacement parts to keep the vehicle in good working condition. Whilst considering the disposal of your vehicle, you should look into the value of your cars parts, selling a car for parts will certainly yield a higher net revenue from the salvage car. It is time consuming. - Ideally, you want to sell every part possible on the car, so let's say you sold all 30,000 parts on the car to people who needed those parts. Considerably, it will take 30,000 encounters to sell everything. Nonetheless, it is the best option if you have space and time to part a vehicle out over time. The most valuable parts on a car all depend on the vehicle; some cars have headlights as expensive as $3000, some car seats are worth as much as $500 online. That old clunker might surprise you one last time, some car parts can be worth a lot of money. If you own a rare vehicle that is still in demand, you are sure to recoup the highest salvage value for your car selling it in parts.


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